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That Trophy Wife Life Comedy and Self Improvement

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“Comedy and Self Improvement Pod| Not an Actual Trophy Wife | Laughing through life's Imperfections | Sharing stories of overcoming adversity”

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About the show

That Trophy Wife Life is a comedy and self improvement podcast hosted by your favorite "Participation Trophy Wife" (Dayna Pereira). Featuring Comedians, Podcast Hosts, Authors, and Entertainers of all kinds; Dayna and her Guests discuss the challenges and adversities that they had to overcome to get to living their version of "That Trophy Wife Life". Well.... Maybe It's a Participation Trophy 🏆

We are an audio/video show and upload all of the episodes to youtube (over 90k views and counting since we launched youtube! on top of regular podcast downloads)

I love a guest with decent lighting, mic/headphones, good internet, and the ability to be authentically themselves! Season 4 is all about laughing our way through life's imperfections and sharing stories of overcoming adversity. We are a no shame podcast. I want to hear the down and dirty, the ridiculous, the scary, the hilarious, and the baffling of your story- and how you pivoted or overcame to live your version of "That Trophy Wife Life". Expect me to be cussy, I can't help it. It's who I am as a person 😂

I just launched The Entertainers Network that is currently featuring entertainers across the board. Actors, singers, authors, podcasters, dancers, comedians, etc... It will be growing into more as time goes on! But if you'd like to be featured, Please contact me!

[email protected]

Check out my social media if you want more info on me

twitter and insta: @trophywifedayna

Hope to hear from you!

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Profile artwork for That Trophy Wife Life Comedy and Self Improvement
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