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Reach new audiences with your personal booking agent.

Increase brand awareness, establish thought leadership, and nuture your reputation with's Managed Bookings.
Reach new audiences.

Raise awareness and build trust with the power of podcasts.

Podcasts offer intimate conversations around topics people are passionate about. We connect you with top podcasts in your niche tailored to your goals.

Podcasters and Guests, Finding each other and making sweet conversations

Build Awareness

Podcasting within your niche steadily raises your profile amongst audiences

Establish Trust

Podcasts offer a more intimate and trust-worthy setting to deliver your message

Expand Your Network

Working with podcasters can unlock further collaborations and opportunities

Establish Leadership

Join and lead the conversations, offering your unique insights to new audiences

Improve Discovery

Episode backlinks and PR across multiple podcasts compound to make you more visible in your niche over time

Expand Your Content Strategy

A single podcast episode can be repurposed into articles, videos, socials and more
Discover Opportunities

Where will your next conversation take you?

Our agents engage with our community of podcasters and beyond matching you with the right audiences ready for your story.

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Your personal MatchMaker

Our team of MatchMakers are small yet mighty, with years of show-booking and PR experience. We only work with a limited number of clients at any one time to ensure we can deliver a truly personal and strategic service.

Dig deep into your story

We work with you to uncover themes and topics that align with your personal goals and resonate with audiences within our network and beyond. Helping you to shape your narrative to appeal to show-runners and audiences alike.

Match you with the right shows

With your goals clear and your story taking shape, we use our connections, insights and strategic pitching to line up interviews and appearances on shows relative to your goals and audience. You're in complete control every step of the way.

Prepare you for your bookings

We'll help manage your schedule and make sure you're sounding your best. Before each appearance we'll run through the relevant themes, talking points and questions of your appearance so you can go in with confidence.

Set you up for post-interview success

We'll provide audio clips, social graphics and more for your appearances to help you amplify your campaign on your channels aswell as collaborating with shows to help maximise reach.
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Proud to help shape and share stories far and wide

I couldn't be happier with's Managed Bookings! Jamie delivers on his promises and achieves outstanding results. I wholeheartedly endorse Jamie and the team to anyone looking to build their brand.
Patricia Bathory
Author, psychotherapist and founder of [Company], helping people to become more successful in their career and life by finding true purpose
Working with Jamie and the team has been fantastic! His clear communication and strategic approach made our collaboration seamless. Jamie's insightful questions and prompt execution exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend's Managed Bookings to anyone seeking a professional partner.
Manny Skevofilax
Fractional CFO consultant, sharing his stories and insights to help small businesses navigate the complex world of finance
Jamie and the team are dedicated to providing excellent service. They are an absolute asset. Love working with you!
Frank Seidel
Managing Director with 20 years of helping companies to succeed in India
Limited spots available!

Appear on podcasts with your personal booking agent.

We work with a limited number of clients to ensure we deliver in-depth support and success throughout the process.

Book an intro call, we'll talk about your goals, learn more about your story and see how our network and connections can help you reach new audiences.



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Tailored outreach

From awareness to conversion-led campaigns - we tailor your reach to match your goals.

Guaranteed bookings

We guarantee 2 bookings for every month we're engaged, see terms for full details.

Weekly check-ins

Nurturing the right partnerships can take time, we ensure you're in the loop every step of the way.

Collaborative network

We’ve built a community and network of thouands of shows open to collaboration looking for the the right guests.
Jamie brings years of industry experience, honed in broadcasting across New Zealand, UK, and Argentina. His expertise spans roles from production to broadcast trainer to booking agent and heads up the team at providing an accessible entry to the world of guest appearances.
Jamie Larson
Head of Guest Booking
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I get featured on a podcast as a guest?
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Podcasting is a great way to grow authority, generate leads, improve discovery, and simply raise awareness. Podcasters work hard to develop their audiences around the topics they’re passionate about, and as such, it offers a great opportunity to reach niche, engaged audiences in a more intimate setting.

How can podcast bookings boost my discoverability?
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In the simplest of terms, it's akin to giving a talk at a conference or exhibition. But with the added benefit of a good digital footprint of your activity. When the episode is published, you’ll feature in the show notes, be provided with backlinks, and be amplified across social media. All of which contributes towards search engine and social discovery.

How are guests interviewed on podcasts?
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Initially, there will be discussions between the guest and the podcaster to align on themes, topics, and the general direction of the interview (this could be an initial pre-interview call or through a series of communications). Some podcasters may even provide questions and talking points, however it differs from podcaster to podcaster.

Do I need any specialist gear or equipment?
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Most podcasts are audio-only, so a high-quality microphone is recommended to ensure you sound your best (and to also create less work for the podcaster). We’ve written a quick guide over on, you can check it out here. Additionally, a good pair of headphones will prevent potential 'echo' problems. Some podcasters also like to record in video, so having access to a quality webcam or camera will be beneficial

I've never done any podcast interviews before. Is that a problem?
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No. Your podcast booking agent will be there to answer any questions you might have, and help you prep for your first interview. We’ve also summarised some of our key tips in a handy guide. And remember, part of the beauty of podcasting is that obvious mistakes can be edited out in post-production.

What types of shows can you get me on?
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MatchMaker’s network of collaborators features more than 25,000 shows across all categories - including business, comedy, news, fitness, entrepreneurship, and many more. However our agents are not limited to the community and will also target shows that suite your goals and niche.

What if I only want to get on chart-topping shows like The Joe Rogan Experience?
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The harsh reality is that unless you’re a celebrity or widely-recognised public figure, it’s unlikely you’ll be a guest on the top-rated shows. But that doesn’t matter. You don’t need to reach millions of listeners to get results. Highly-targeted appearances on shows that closely align with your area of expertise will still help you build awareness and generate leads.

I have another question!
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Our support team is more than happy to help. Contact us at [email protected]. We are based in the UK and operate between 8am - 5pm GMT. Response times may vary.