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Save time getting booked as a guest on popular podcasts with MatchMaker Concierge.

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We help you grow your personal brand, one podcast at a time.

Your Podcast Agent

Your agent will handle everything for you from outreach to scheduling, all you need to do is show up.

Tailored Outreach

From awareness to conversion-led campaigns - we tailor your reach to match your goals.

Collaborative Network

We’ve built a community of over 35,000 podcasters open to collaboration and looking for guests like you.

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Be heard by the right people.

We’ve created a community of over 40,000 podcasts & creators open to collaboration and deeper conversations around topics they are passionate about.

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Once we have an idea of your goals, we can set out to match you with the right Podcasts.

You're in the driving seat

We source podcasts relevant to your niche and line up opportunities. You decide which to pursue.

Get Booked

We’ll co-ordinate your introductions and recording schedule. All you need to do is turn up and talk.

Join the discussions.

All the benefits of podcasting,
without the admin.

Podcasts offer intimate conversations around topics people are passionate about. We help you find the right hosts, audiences and collaborations to share your stories & insight.

Join the waiting list

Join the discussions.

All the benefits of Podcasting, without the admin.

Podcasts offer intimate conversations around topics people are passionate about. We help you find the right hosts, audiences and collaborations for your stories

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Establish a personal connection that builds trust & awareness.

Be seen and heard as a thought leader in your niche.

Build connections with other leaders in your field.

Grow your reputation by reaching a wider audience.

Improve your SEO by building organic backlinks.

Attract listeners seeking your product or service.

Go further with meaningful conversations about the things you love.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Rates depend on how many interviews you want to book per month. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can let you know what it’ll cost. Regardless of your individual needs, it'll always cost much less than going to a PR agency.

Do I need specialist gear/equipment?

The only essential is a plug-and-go USB microphone. When appearing on video podcasts a standard webcam is fine, but it’s important to make sure you’re well lit. In the absence of good natural lighting, we recommend purchasing a simple ring light to boost video quality.

I've never done interviews/podcasts before, is that a problem?

No! Your podcast booking agent will be there to answer any questions you might have and help you prep for your first interviews. We’ve also summarised some of our key tips in a handy guide. And remember, part of the beauty of podcasting is that obvious mistakes can be edited out in post-production!

I represent multiple clients, can I set up profiles for them?

Yes. We offer a fully managed white-label booking service for agencies. Just get in touch with your requirements and we’ll handle the rest to coordinate interview schedules for your clients.

What types of shows can you get me on?

MatchMaker’s network of collaborators features more than 25,000 shows across all categories including business, comedy, news, fitness, entrepreneurship, and many more.

How many podcasts will you book me on per month?

For sustainable long-term results, we recommend recording 3 - 5 interviews per month. But we can also book many more than this as part of a dedicated campaign with pre-determined start and end dates.

I have a book launch coming up, can you help me?

Yes, we can organize an intensive 1 - 3 month podcast tour to coincide with your book launch. Simply get in touch to tell us about the kinds of audiences you’d like to reach and we’ll handle the rest.

What if I only want to get on chart-topping shows like The Joe Rogan Experience?

The harsh reality is that unless you’re a celebrity or a widely-recognised public figure, it’s unlikely you’ll be accepted. But that doesn’t matter. You don’t need to reach millions of listeners to get results. Highly targeted appearances on shows that closely align with your area of expertise will still help you build awareness and generate leads.

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