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Help your clients reach new audiences with podcast bookings

Increase brand awareness, establish thought leadership, and reach new audiences by connecting your talent with relevant podcasters in their space.

Be part of the conversation

Podcasts offer intimate conversations around topics people are passionate about. Find the right hosts, audiences and collaborations and join the conversation.

Podcasters and Guests, Finding each other and making sweet conversations

Build Awareness

Podcasting within your niche steadily raises your profile amongst audiences

Establish Trust

Podcasts offer a more intimate and trust-worthy setting to deliver your message

Expand Your Network

Working with podcasters can unlock further collaborations and opportunities

Establish Leadership

Join and lead the conversations,  offering your unique insights to new audiences

Improve Discovery

Episode backlinks and PR across multiple podcasts compound to make you more visible in your niche over time

Expand Your Content Strategy

A single podcast episode can be repurposed into articles, videos, socials and more
Discover Opportunities

Find relevant podcasts across over 100 niches looking for stories to tell.

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MatchMaker Agency

Create and manage multiple profiles for your clients’ podcasting campaigns.

Showcase your clients

Create up to 10 guest profiles and showcase your clients’ credentials to the MatchMaker community

Discover highly -elevant shows and discussions

Browse, connect and be found by relevant podcasts open to collaboration

Simple communication management

Manage all your prospects and conversations in one unified inbox for all your profiles
Agency Features

Made to Match.

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Search & Find

Filter guests and podcasts by over 100 niches: Business, Comedy, News, etc


Streamline communication via MatchMaker’s messaging service.


Add a video pitch to your guest profiles for a more personal introduction.


Automagic recommendations for each of your profiles based on language, location and interests.

Priority Listings

Your guest profiles will be prioritised in search results alongside our platform’s fellow pro members.

Simple Short-listing

Favourite your top profiles for easy access later.

Community Board

Create a post on our community board and get extra help with your podcasting goals.

Unlimited Conversations

Start as many conversations as you like without the limits of our free tier.

Messenger Apps

Manage your conversations on-the-go with our dedicated mobile app. Available for iOS and Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I have more than 10 profiles?
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Our agency plan supports up to 10 guest profiles. We can offer extra profile allowances on a custom plan basis, if required. Get in touch at [email protected]

Why should I get my clients featured on podcasts as a guest?
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Podcasting is a great way to grow authority, generate leads, improve discovery, and simply raise awareness. Podcasters work hard to develop their audiences around the topics they’re passionate about, and as such, it offers a great opportunity to reach niche, engaged audiences in a more intimate setting.

How can podcast bookings boost my client’s discoverability?
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In the simplest of terms, it's akin to giving a talk at a conference or exhibition. But with the added benefit of a good digital footprint of your activity. When the episode is published, your client will feature in the show notes, be provided with backlinks, and be amplified across social media. All of which contributes towards search engine and social discovery.

How are guests interviewed on podcasts?
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Initially, there will be discussions between the guest and the podcaster to align on themes, topics, and the general direction of the interview (this could be an initial pre-interview call or through a series of communications). Some podcasters may even provide questions and talking points, however it differs from podcaster to podcaster.

Do my clients need any specialist gear or equipment?
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Most podcasts are audio-only, so a high-quality microphone is recommended to ensure your client sounds their best (and to also create less work for the podcaster). We’ve written a quick guide over on, you can check it out here. Additionally, a good pair of headphones will prevent potential 'echo' problems. Some podcasters also like to record in video, so having access to a quality webcam or camera will be beneficial.

Can I cancel at any time? What happens?
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Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time, via your account settings. Payments will be stopped, and we’ll hide and hold your profiles for 60 days from the initial cancellation date (after which they will be terminated).

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