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“A no BS dive into investing, trading, wealth creation, and being a good human being.”

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Hey! I’m Erik, a Marine veteran, trader (15+ years), investor (real estate & angel) and self-made millionaire. I’m on a mission to empower people, especially the veteran community, to take control of their own finances and have some fun along the way

I owe much of my success to mentors that shared life changing information with me. From getting into investing, to the detailed outlines of a trading plan. This is my effort to pay forward their time.

I’m looking for fun, intellectual, & passionate guests to share their direct or peripheral experience as it relates to finance. My platform is primarily for investors and traders in the stock market. I look for other traders/investors, economists, finance psychology, real estate investing, angel investors, psychologists, life hackers, bio hackers, etc. I like to dive into the details and explore concepts that can help change someone else’s life - financially or mentally.

If this sounds like you, shoot me a note and let’s dive into what it means to be an Outlier!

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