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“I bring value to your show with my professional background as a portfolio analyst, speaker, author, and movie director to Why Walmart Works”

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About Me

I am a researcher, portfolio analyst, public speaker, and author of 3 books, including The Edge and coming soon Big Tech Med. I have a professional background in directing movies such as “Why Walmart Works” and an interviewing background, appearing on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, and PBS. I am an experienced speaker and have keynoted over 600 business and healthcare conferences. I am currently the director of research at Mythros. I can help your listeners be aware of potential successes and setbacks they will face as business owners. Plus, I have some hilarious and harrowing stories for you that will have your listeners glued to their headphones!

Here are a few interview questions I am frequently asked:

Why is mindset so important? • What is the conflict of action vs inaction? • What do Russian entrepreneurs know that we don’t? • Is entrepreneurship innate, or can it be learned? • Why is grit important? • What is an entrepreneurial intention? • What is Jeff Bezos’ Regret Minimization Framework • Why is self-efficacy important? • What traits do startup funders look for? • How to storyboard a startup? • What can we learn about product development from Jerry Seinfeld?

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