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“Add Value to your audience. Businesses are owed a Payroll Tax Refund up to $26,000/employee (ERC). Congress has made it easier to qualify.”

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Have your U.S. business owners/listeners claimed their Employee Retention Credit ( ERC )?

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The COVID CARES Act created three stimulus programs for businesses. PPP/EIDL and ERC.

PPP and EIDL are out of money. Not many took advantage of ERC so Congress updated the qualifications numerous times (over a period of 2 years) to refund $400 billion in payroll taxes to business owners and nonprofits. UP to $26,000/employee (the average business owner receives $225,000 but many receive millions in refunds.

  • Even if they had increases in revenue in 2020 and/or 2021 they may qualify!
  • Even if they received PPP, they may qualify!

Businesses and nonprofits qualify if they suffered any one of the following:

  • Supply Chain Disruptions
  • PARTIAL or FULL Closures
  • Loss of Revenue

The pre-qualification process is easy and much less time-consuming than the other programs; 15-minute qualification call, upload documents, and the IRS sends checks to the business.

This refund is NOT a loan and can be used however a business owner wants.

The partner I work with has processed 15,000+ businesses and qualified for $2.5 Billion in refunds. They have forensic tax accountants and tax attorneys on staff. The no-fee final analysis that can be sent to the IRS is solid. You will receive that amount (plus interest, in some cases).

My goal is to educate and qualify those that are the backbone of our economy; Business Owners & Nonprofit Leaders (up to 500, 30 or more hours a week W-2 employees) PLUS part-time workers.

Qualify before the plug is pulled on this much-deserved payroll tax refund.

NOTE: Even if you sold your business after COVID OR started a business during COVID you still may qualify!

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