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Karma and Master Joshua

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“A professional Dominant and his happily married (to another man) sex slave discuss self actualization through non-traditional sexuality.”

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About Me

Master Joshua is a professional Dominant (the male equivalent of a Dominatrix), and a Non-Traditional Sexual Behaviors Consultant. By proving that the experiences they long for are both real and attainable, He guides people towards self-realization. Master Joshua was the intended topic of my story... until WE became it.

My (pen) name is Karma Said. I'm Master Joshua's sex slave, and a happily married (to another man) mother of two. I'm the author of "Surviving Master Joshua: The BDSM Memoir Of An Unfaithful Wife" (Carnal Culture, April 2022). When Joshua and I met, I was a staff reporter for a reputable conservative publication, and Joshua was research. But, following Him deeper and deeper into New York's sexual underground, I crossed the line between observer and participant, right and wrong. I started out in this lifestyle as a cheater... turning that around reshaped more than just our own lives. At its core, our story is one of an uplifting personal transformation; it also showcases the lifestyle of one of the most sensationalized and least understood factions in LGBTQA+.

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Profile artwork for Karma and Master Joshua
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