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Dragos Radu

Netherlands English, Moldovan, Moldavian, Romanian

“I enjoy hosting and listening to stories of inspirational figures. Everyone has a story and every story has meaning. Join me on the journey!”

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About Me

My name is Dragos, and I am a young entrepreneur and podcast host living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Throughout the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work and play quite a lot. I have always pursued experiences that brought me joy, passion and satisfaction, both from a personal and professional perspective.

Professionally speaking, my development has been quite ramified. It all started as a breakfast waiter in Amsterdam, early mornings, and mid-winter. From then on, life has been nothing but a journey filled with meaning. From a waiter, I became a photographer; from a photographer, I became a marketing coordinator; from a marketing coordinator, I became a graphic/web designer; from a graphic/web designer, I became a life coach; from a life coach, I became a cook, from a cook, I became an accountant and a hotel manager. For now, I am hosting

In the meantime, my personal life has not ceased to surprise me either. I was a speaker to a live audience of students from Romania, talking about fear and mindset. I won an honourable award for developing a strategy for denuclearising North Korea at a Youth United Nations conference in NYC at UNHQ. I got to self-publish 2x volumes of poetry. I started my podcast (, where I had many inspiring guests covering topics from quantum physics to mindfulness, writing, gymnastics, negotiation, music, and more. Aside from this, I have a small poetry corner where I enjoy reciting poetry from time to time (@thediaryofanobody_). During COVID, I opened a project with my former university to prepare meals for hospitals and various struggling foundations during that period.

Currently, I am engaged with bringing more and more value to my show and other people's projects/shows, following my path and being open to what life has to offer.

I would be honoured to be a guest on your shows, and I am sure we can get out some fun, meaningful, engaging content that your audience will adore.



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Profile artwork for Dragos Radu
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