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“Chris Morrison a.k.a. Mr. Delicious is a classically trained chef & advocate changing the face of the catering industry one plate at a time.”

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About Me

Meet Chef Chris Morrison a.k.a Mr. Delicious.

You may have met a talented chef before, now meet Mr. Delicious.

Mr. Delicious is singlehandedly reinvigorating the catering industry in the country's hottest food hub, Atlanta, Georgia. He is fearless in his menu conceptualization and isn't afraid to push the envelope to create an experiential culinary journey for his guests. His daring menus and bespoke planning process make him an outlier in a sea of more-of-the same, and he is just beginning!

Mr. Delicious brings his Le Cordon Bleu education and over 20+ years of culinary experience to each plate, melding New American, Southern and French cuisines. He was recently named "next chef to watch" by the Atlanta Journal Constitution and is a Great Awards nominee. He is a proud member of Georgia Organics, and a fierce advocate for giving back to his community through volunteer farming, local product sourcing, and mentoring students of the culinary arts.

Mr. Delicious is the Owner/Executive Chef of his Atlanta based catering company, Little Farmhouse Catering, and popular brunch spot, The Little Farmhouse Café –a hub for creative events and pop-ups.

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Profile artwork for Chris Morrison
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