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“Charles' unique perspective is focused on practicing 'life-as-a-craft', vs. managing family & career purely by intuition, trial, and error.”

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About Me

Charles is an Amazon best-selling author of the LifeCraft book series, publisher of Life Masterpiece Journal | Print Edition & Life Masterpiece Journal | Audio Edition, and host of the Life Masterpiece Workshop personal development workspace.

Five Key Elements Make Up Your Life:

  1. Family & Personal Heritage - Where you come from, where you are now, and the legacy you will leave to future generations.
  2. Family & Household Management - The home you grew up in, and the home you are making right now, and how well you manage it.
  3. Family & Personal Finance - What you have learned about managing money, and how you manage it together with your partner.
  4. The Human Being - What you know, and how you treat your inner self and your outer self including your diet, your career, and managing your emotions.
  5. Tools for Living - What tools you use in your life, and how skillful you are at using them.

How well you develop your knowledge and practice your skills in these Five Elements over The Four Phases of your lifetime, is the key to Making a Masterpiece of Your Life.


Charles' work demonstrates how anyone can learn to practice 'Life-as-a-Craft' to achieve extraordinary results. It is a framework for managing life's many topics based on the way we practice our occupations and professions, vs. the 'hit-or-miss' results of living by trial and error. Listen to the brief 5-minute overview.

Today, Charles shares his Five Elements framework for practicing 'life-as-a-craft' via the Life Masterpiece, his LifeCraft book series on Amazon, more than 50 guest appearances on podcasts, and published articles appearing in Thrive Global, Personal Growth, Lifehack, A Parent Is Born, The Good Men Project, Change Becomes You, and his own Life Masterpiece

Ideas for Episode Titles/Main Focus

  • Life Purpose & Focus
  • Family & Household Management
  • Professional Development
  • Personal Development & Self Improvement
  • Business Management

Talking Points

  • What is life-as-a-craft?
  • What is the Way of Craftsmanship?
  • How does someone make a masterpiece of their life?
  • Is there a structure for learning the 'craft of life'?
  • How can I teach my children to make a masterpiece of their lives?
  • How can I apply craftsmanship in my professional development?

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Profile artwork for Charles Collins
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