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“We invite thought leaders, entrepreneurs and community builders of African Ancestry to share their life experiences and inspire our audience”


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Hey, I'm Listening celebrates all that is unique and paramount about people of African Ancestry.

We invite community builders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, healers, and spiritual teachers to join us for a 30-45 minute chat about various topics that highlight their personal journey, and the wisdom and knowledge they now wish to share.

We are mentoring from the podcast stage as we examine what is needed right now to ensure the next generation's success. Hey I'm Listening examines how the African, Caribbean, Black-Canadian and Black-American experiences of the last 462 years and the transfer of trauma impact where we are now and answers the question: "how do we help our global community to heal?"

Dr. Joan is a psychotherapist, Trauma Recovery Specialist, Professor, Speaker and thought leader with a deep desire to usher in a national healing journey for people of African descent. Our stories will highlight our strengths and the foundational weaknesses that must be addressed to uplift our people over the next 30 years.

We are looking for guests who can be vulnerable and who can use their stories to help inspire others to begin their healing and transformation journey. Beyond this, we desire to speak with guests who have innovative ideas about communal healing especially as it relates to enhancement of the communities social and economic status, boosting family functioning, reducing the negative impact policing and protective services, ending the mass incarceration of Black men, ending the mass recruitment of Black men and women into the army and naval forces.

We are making a choice to live life well and we look forward to your contribution.

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Profile artwork for Hey I'm Listening
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