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“Hosted by Brad Hook—speaker, author, and entrepreneur—the Brad Hook Podcast is a place for the curious.”


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Welcome to the Brad Hook Podcast! Each episode takes you on a journey with diverse guests, from academics breaking down complex theories to athletes discussing peak performance, authors sharing their creative processes, and storytellers captivating us with their tales. Our podcast offers a wealth of inspiration, knowledge, and passion. Connect with Brad Hook on Instagram and LinkedIn to catch clips and highlights from our interviews.

Our show is quickly gaining a loyal following of individuals seeking inspiration, personal growth, empowerment, and practical advice. With over 50 five-star ratings on Spotify in just a few months, the Brad Hook Podcast is becoming a go-to platform for thought leaders across various fields to gain visibility and share their insights.

Brad Hook also hosts the Resilience Podcast and is the author of the upcoming book “Start With Values.” He founded and is a partner at the Resilience Institute, continually dedicated to spreading knowledge and resilience.

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Welcome Brad Hook blends Science and Wisdom to Inspire Human Performance. - Entrepreneur Magazine Get your copy From focus to fulfillment, this book guides you towards your own version of sustainable high performance. Discover how to live a great life in this research-based guide to resilience. Amazon Free PDF

Start With Values | Book, Course and Resources – Discover, align and activate your core values

Discover and align with your core values to reduce stress and increase clarity.


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Profile artwork for Brad Hook Podcast
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