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Miriam Rachel

“An ex-echoist tarot reader who holds a no-BS approach to raw spirituality”


About Me

Using Tarot to Help Overcome People-Pleasing

I am Miriam Rachel, and I am out of Toronto, Canada. I am a tarot reader, astrologer, and freelance writer who has struggled with pathological people-pleasing for years until a catalyst happened. As a result, I have been vocal about the dangers of spiritual bypassing and toxic positivity, and I love to talk about how tarot can be such a helpful tool that goes beyond divination. I am also here to showcase my newly released book!

After almost working on it for a year, I am thrilled to announce that my book, Overcoming Echoism With Tarot: Using Tarot For Boundary Setting And Stopping People-Pleasing, is finally out.

This book is about echoism, what it is, and the challenges and consequences that come with it. And finally, I talk about how the tarot can help you escape it. The overview is about echoism and what it is, as it is a form of extreme people-pleasing.

I talk about how echoism happens and the risks, then I tell my story about how mine developed, and then I go about how it affected me.

I review the traits of echoism, and I also talk about how it affected me. However, I also go about how I broke out my echoism, which took time for me to break out entirely.

However, after exploring helping others move out of people-pleasing ways, I found that tarot is a great take to help along with therapy, which tarot does not replace. However, it can be a good supplement.

The primary tool I am talking about to help yourself break out of it, along with therapy and other helpful methods, is tarot.

This is not the ideal book to get if you are a complete novice in tarot, even though I discuss each of the 78 Major and Minor Arcana cards in detail.

I discuss the meaning of each card and a brief history so that you can relate to aspects of each card.

I also talk about the importance of each card in reverse position or the shadow side of the cards if you don’t use reversals, and I also talk about how each tarot card has its interpretation when it comes to people-pleasing. You may find these sections relatable if you have been working on moving away from people-pleasing.

Lastly, in the book, I depict some people-pleasing spreads I created that I wanted to share with you, which can be helpful if you want to use tarot to help break away from echoism or people-pleasing.

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Profile artwork for Miriam Rachel
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