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Kurt Uhlir

“Globally-recognized 10x marketer & operator. Labeled the “king of scaling businesses” and "expert on high-achieving servant leadership"”


About Me

Kurt is a globally-recognized 10x marketer, operator, and speaker. He has built and run early-stage companies as well as those over $500M in annual revenue, assembled teams across six continents, been part of the small team leading an IPO ($880M), and participated in dozens of acquisitions. His unique experience being inside hundreds of high-growth companies with the opportunity to analyze, scale, make changes of leadership, and oversee operations has labeled him “the king of scaling businesses” and "expert on high-achieving servant leadership".

Known for being at the front lines for creating several of the marketing channels we all use today, including social media management, influencer marketing, and location-based marketing, with the last five years spent in real estate. In addition to his experience building and/or operating dozens of companies, he has advised hundreds more.

As a popular keynote speaker, podcast guest, and author on high-achieving servant leadership, Kurt wants to help people and create environments where people can flourish as themselves. He has appeared on national television shows and periodicals including Wired, TechCrunch, Thrive Global, USA Today, Business 2 Community, WGN Radio, NBC, ABC, and many more. Kurt’s public speaking experience includes hundreds of speeches across the United States and Europe, including presenting at prominent industry events such as PPAI, GDC, EXPCON, the White House, and private company/team workshops. Click here to see pictures/videos of some of these talks.

He has served as a Chief Marketing Officer, fractional CMO, CEO, strategy officer, Chief Operating Officer, and other roles. He's learned he prefers to be the Queen/King-maker. He is also the lead inventor of disruptive technologies in 5 industries, with 16 granted patents – demonstrating his ability to quickly understand and explain complex technologies to others. He recently finished a multi-year engagement as VP, Marketing & Operations for eXp Realty (a eXp World Holdings company) where he oversaw the growth of eXp Realty’s Integrated Platform of portals and agent tools, which drove lead generation, traffic, hyper-local content, and Enterprise SEO that reached millions of consumers every month and launching tools used by tens of thousands of eXp Agents.

Read more of his journey and helping scale companies here.

Whether it’s humor, information on modern digital marketing, innovation, or inspiration, Kurt is sure to deliver immense value. Reach out to him to hear stories that will move you and give your audience tactical next steps to unlocking success.

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How I'll Promote Podcasts I'm On

  • I will utilize my social media channels to promote our podcast. I will highlight the topics in social media posts with a combined following of 30,000+.
  • For great episodes, I will include in one of me email newsletters. Depending on the list I send to, my distribution is 10,000 - 45,000 email subscribers.
  • I often see a few dozen accounts share new podcast episodes, as can be seen in this chart shared by those in my tribe from a February episode (screenshot is from March 9th).
  • My goal is to help make our episode one of your most popular ones. Frequently, episodes I am a guest on see 5,000+ views on Youtube alone.

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