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Joshua Bachand

“I’m inviting guests that bring value on various topics to improve men’s lives from the inside out, Health,Wealth and Obedience”


About Me

I’ve been a personal trainer the last 10 years, over the last five years is when my journey as a Christian began.

I reestablished my relationship with the Lord recently found my purpose, it’s to impact thousands of lives in prison walls and auditorium halls.

I’m looking to be a guest as well as have many guests that can bring value to my platform help become improved versions of themselves as well as men coming home from prison.

I also want to help men that don’t know what it’s like to express their emotions, and become stronger and healthier from the inside out.

i’m looking to invite both men and women knowledgeable in financial literacy,property investing,and improving credit, along with mental health and wellness.

Profile artwork for Joshua Bachand
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