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Elinor Moshe

“Deconstructing paradigms, patterns and psyches to experience the truth of you by healing and journeying into the invisible and unknown...”


About Me

The success became the suffocation. There was no truth left in my life, I'd been living under the illusion that I had it all together. That I was being me in the world. I wasn't.

To the outside world, I've been known as and presented as strong, confident, independent, successful even. I'd pioneered a thought leadership business, 4X author, podcast with 160K downloads, awards, lucrative collaborations, but inside, was deadness.

But I've only ever known split realities. Pillars of my life couldn't get off the ground, or were simply offline.

My internal world, marred, diminished, void of life force, void of the permission to allow my personal truths to come to the surface, instead, people pleasing, placating myself. Does that sound familiar to you?

I'd never loved, honoured, respected myself, or chosen myself, until I chose the path of venturing into the deep unconscious realm. So I found myself depressed, even after all the achievements and accomplishments.

I tried, again and again to build a bridge and get over it, trying to move on by thinking through it -well actually, not thinking about it, but suppressing it, tightly.

No conventional methods work, and thinking my way out of it, wasn't working.

Because no-one can manage the unknown.

And my wounding, was catching up with me.

To discover something deep and alive within you, means confronting what isn't alive in your life and within you too. It means to deconstruct all that you think you know of yourself, for what is fixed within cannot be transmuted into something so much more.

I'd love to be on your show to talk about:

  • Gaps in conventional personal development
  • Identity suicide and the deep unconscious
  • How the success became the suffocation
  • How to move unconscious mountains
  • How I went from never being in a relationship to finding out I was in love with my best friend of 4 years
  • Integrating lessons from the shadow
  • How healing changed my life to discover the truth

Discover More

Deconstructing YOU

Listen to Deconstructing YOU on Spotify. The unbecoming and unravelling of layers of unconscious beliefs and emotions that don’t belong to you is critical to your path to a fuller and more authentic expression of yourself. On deconstructing you, the unconscious and unknown will be deeply explored to deconstruct your paradigms, patterns and psyches - because what is invisible and unknown to you, cannot be managed. You’ll hear transformative concepts and insights to unshackle your mind, body and soul and step into who you were always meant to be. Are you ready to deeply experience your inner world and discover long and forgotten parts of you?

Profile artwork for Elinor Moshe
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