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“For Entrepreneurs Who Know All The Business 'Stuff' and Want to Realize Their Next Revenue Milestone By Mastering What's Between Their Ears”

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About the show

UpLevel Mind Vision

I believe that the fastest path towards improving the world in a tangible way is if good people make as much money and impact as possible.

To me, the people at the forefront of this are heart centered entrepreneurs - coaches, healers, intuitives, light workers etc. - and my mission is to help them realize their next revenue milestone by mastering the blind spots that are hiding between their ears.

About UpLevel Mind

UpLevel Mind is the name of my flagship coaching program and accompanying podcast dedicated to spreading the above mission as wide as possible.

The program and podcast themes are all about helping established heart cenetred entrepreneurs that can't seem to level up despite doing all the business strategies "correctly", connect the dots by looking at their biggest, overlooked bottleneck - themselves.

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Profile artwork for UpLevel Mind Podcast
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