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“My work is called the most thought provoking and masterful exploration of leadership offering a radically different leadership paradigm”

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An action resource of innovative ideas and proven 21st-Century Leadership Practices designed to help people live a more productive, prosperous, and meaningful life.

Unlike most leadership perspectives, my work views leadership as occurring as a practice rather than residing in the traits or behaviors of particular individuals. My show is based on my award winning book--Throttle Up: How to Accelerate the Impact of 21st Century Leadership. I use a short content format with 7 to 10 minute episodes discussing the changing nature of leadership in the 21st Century. However, I am looking for podcast guest opportunities.

If you are looking for a podcast guest that brings a different viewpoint to the leadership discussion based on education ( BS, MBA and Doctorate In Leadership Studies) as well as years of experience as a Naval Officer, consultant, educator, speaker, and simulation designer and developer than please send me a note and lets chat. Thanks for taking the time to view my profile.

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Profile artwork for Throttle Up Leadership Podcast
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