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The Women With Ambition Podcast: Making Money and Chasing Dreams

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“Looking for guests: Professional, high-earning women ($60K+) seeking financial freedom”

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Are you a high-achieving professional woman with an ambitious goal you haven’t fully accomplished yet? Maybe you want to be your own boss, build a 7-figure business, run a Fortune 500 company, or travel the world. You want to go after an ambitious goal or take a big leap – but you feel stuck or feel that something is holding you back.

Perhaps you feel fearful at times? Possibly because of:

* Uncertainty about being self-employed or leaving a stable income

* Worry surrounding inconsistent income as you wait for your business to take off

* Fear of failure

* Fear of letting your family or loved ones down

It's natural that you may struggle with some financial insecurities as you try to get your ambitious goal off the ground.

This is a financial coaching podcast where DeShena Woodard, a Certified Life Coach, and Financial Freedom Coach, helps women uncover the financial challenges or mindset surrounding money that is hindering them from achieving their ambitious goals.

If you’re a woman who is searching for the freedom and empowerment to pursue your purpose, but your mindset around money is holding you back - this is the podcast for you.


DeShena is seeking to interview professional and high-income earning women who have an ambitious goal or higher purpose, but there is a financial mindset or challenge that is holding them back from fully achieving their goals.

We are looking for women who...

  • earn a high income ($60k/yr+).
  • are happy to receive life coaching and guidance during the podcast from a financial freedom coach
  • have an ambitious goal but feel that there is a financial mindset or challenge hindering progress.
  • have a fascinating story about what they learned about money growing up and how it impacts the way they handle money today.
  • can share an interesting story about how they got to where they are professionally.
  • are ready to discuss details about money, challenges, and mindset.
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Profile artwork for The Women With Ambition Podcast: Making Money and Chasing Dreams
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