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“Sex is more than the brainless, caveman “feel good, do more” response it sometimes feels like for so many MEN. the HARDER SHAFT podcast.”

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About the show

Welcome to the HARDER SHAFT podcast.

We are the spin off the very successful podcast - the Secret MENS Business.

This new podcast now focuses on Male Sexual Awareness for both single men and men as part of a couple.

We explore why men feel and behave as they do. It explores the problems that prevent them from living a full, healthy sexual existence.

With a weekly rotating panel of experts in the sex field, It offers men and their partners practical, proven advice so that they can achieve happy, rewarding sexual lives. Debunking the myths of rigid male roles and unrealistic performance demands

We go deeper and encourage those unspoken topics, as well as revisiting MENS sexual health in new and interesting ways.

  • Sexual Pleasure & Intimacy
  • Sexual Respect
  • Sexual Physical Health
  • Sexual Mental Health

We seek experts in this field to be interviewed as a guest or to appear in a segment on a particular topic.

the HARDER SHAFT wants to create a more sexually positive experience for men.

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Profile artwork for the HARDER SHAFT podcast
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