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“The #1 Political club for conservative media, breaking news and top tier guests. ' The show runs daily at 9-11 pm et on Twitter Spaces.”


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Looking for great show guests! We are booking guests who are proven political commentators and pundits who already have an engaged Twitter audience.

The show has moved to Twitter Spaces daily.

To pitch us, please submit the following:

Guest / Bio / Topic

Link to audio file and video file of on air experience + social media links

*Guest must have a Twitter account The show is live on Twitter. The show is recorded. Time commitment minimum of 1 hour.


Conservative commentators, political pundits, national security experts, military experts, veterans, attorneys, cyber security expert, national security expert, politicians, GOP campaign managers.

Our political club on Clubhouse has 14k followers. We are the top conservative media outlet on Clubhouse and are expanding rapidly. Our show runs on great guests. If you are a publicist with GOP guests, submit them as well and add us to your list. We moved the show to Twitter Spaces.

Good Guests:

* Know how to speak in concise sound bites (60 sec max)

* Have previous experience as a guest on cable news


Kris Ruby is a pioneer in the world of social audio and hosts Twitter Spaces with politicians, veterans, and U.S. Government elected officials. As an early adopter of social audio, Ruby is committed to cultivating the leading political space in social audio. Her rooms are at the forefront of Politics, Media, Social Media & Government. She is dedicated to creating transparent discussion when it comes to U.S. politics with members of diverse political parties. Her motto is, "debate policy, not people." On any given night, you can find a diverse group of politicians and members of the media in Ruby's Twitter spaces including members of U.S. Congress, AP reporters, DOJ federal prosecutors, U.S. Army public affairs officers or prime-time cable news pundits and anchors. 

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Profile artwork for Republicans & Conservatives Twitter Spaces
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