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About the show

WE WILL REOPEN THE SCHEDULING FOR SEASON 8 in August. We will not respond to inquiries until then.

Every week, PR After Hours offers a fun concoction of business tips from 30-year PR veteran, author, and broadcaster Alex Greenwood. Besides tips, the podcast welcomes listeners into virtual happy hours featuring advice from entrepreneurs and leading thinkers in PR, marketing, and business. 

We post two seasons annually: January to May and September to December. Our 25–30-minute interviews are conducted on weekdays between 9:30-3 pm., Central time.


  • We do conversations, not stiff interviews working down a list of pre-set questions.
  • You reach people who care about business topics. We do not have the largest audience, but our listeners are fiercely dedicated to our subject matter.
  • Our host is a small business owner. Alex loves discussing ways to thrive as a business and in the workplace.


Episodes are 25-30 minutes. We're looking for guests offering drilled-down aspects of business management, PR, marketing, or productivity they can credibly speak to.

Years of experience show that our audience has little interest in the following subjects and we will rarely (if ever) book guests who wish to focus on these topics:

  • SEO
  • lead generation
  • financial planning
  • insurance
  • investment
  • real estate
  • coaching
  • self-improvement
  • fringe medical

We're not interested in the same stuff people have heard constantly on other shows or a blatant sales pitch for your business. Offering tips listeners can use is optimal. Is there a hook that will garner attention?

Before pitching to be a guest, please check out our previous shows to get a feel for what we do and what we have recently covered:

Please note:

  • Guests must use an external microphone and earbuds/earphones. The built-in mic in most computers is inadequate for a good listening experience. Our data indicates that people almost immediately turn off episodes with bad audio--nobody wants that!
  • Books for review must be received 30 days in advance of the interview.
  • We record via Zoom, and while the video is on for rapport, we generally use only the audio portion of interviews.

We view our guests as partners. Guests agree to share the link to their appearance on their social media channels and newsletters.

When you apply to be on the show, please share your plan to promote your appearance. Something simple like this:

"If I were to appear on your show, I'd be happy to share it with my platform at least three times. I have roughly 1,500 email subscribers with a 25-29% open rate depending on the month. My YouTube channel (link) and TikTok (link) are growing. I also have Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn (share links)."

Please share this when you pitch yourself or your client. Thanks!

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