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“Help and guidance for moms who are commencing their parenting journey & looking for helpful tips and strategies to help on their new journey”


How to Alternative Health Parenting


How do I help my baby when they are suffering from conditions such as colic/gas, constipation or teething? What can I try to relieve their suffering which is gentle and easy to do? These are the questions that baby massage instructor Helen Thompson lives for! In every single value-packed episode, Helen will be your guide - sharing tips for first time mums to help you and your baby with the issues you face. Each episode is created to help inspire you to take action on the strategies that are proven to work, so you can help your baby. Join First Time Mum's Chat today, and learn how to help your baby when they are suffering. Helen will show you how you can help and how to do it RIGHT.

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Profile artwork for First Time Mum's Chat
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