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“I host a podcast show to explore the journey of musicians, actors and creators on their quest to fame”

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I have an extensive background in the music industry as a singer-songwriter. I became a qualified therapist later in life and am now interested in researching artists' mental health and well-being as they pursue their passion in the arts. I am interested in all performers with a particular focus on young upcoming artists who are building their public profiles. Facing Mel's Music is a platform to explore your works and take a deeper look into the content for budding artists. The platform is intended to support and promote the artist and give insight to the trials and tribulations of all it entails to be an artist. Podcasts will discuss any aspect of mental health, medical issues, life and work challenges, and the coping mechanisms. Guests can bring whatever they wish to the conversation but I am personally drawn to the musician's holistic experiences which include any or all on mental health, identity, living with adversity, politics and injustices. Contact me if you're interested in featuring on the show!

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Profile artwork for Facing Mel's Music
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