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“The Evolve Ventures Podcast’s mission is to evolve the mindset of listeners to shift to their unlimited potential.”

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About the show

Co-hosts, Emilia Smith and Bianca Thomas are taking state-of-the-art research, experience, and data-backed methodologies to evolve the old version of themselves (from The WhyPower Podcast) leveraging their obsessions into Evolve Ventures, a podcast designed to accelerate evolution, excellence, and extraordinary.

Evolve Ventures is designed to radically equip you for today’s experiences, and tomorrow’s challenges, shifting you into unlimited potential. Topics will dive into the keys of leadership, elite brain performance, the not-so-scary parts of tech, the tools to navigate mental health, strategies for optimal living, relationships, and of course, personal development without the fluff. You can look forward to deeper stories, insights, and tactical takeaways to leverage and apply in your everyday life.

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Profile artwork for Evolve Ventures
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