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“For 25 years, I have been training families how to teach their children personal protection, loss prevention and family safety.”

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About the show

The Close Quarter Dad podcast is a discussion among parents on the sensitive topics of teaching our kids to live safe, confident and resilient lives. As the host, I draw on my 25 years of experience as a safety instructor, survival expert and professional martial artist. Oh, and I'm a Dad of four awesome kids.

What we discuss

Topics are mostly centered on a father's role in the their child's life, and focus on such issues as

  • Child safety and physical protection
  • Loss prevention, wilderness, urban and abduction
  • Family unit safety
  • Last resort survival, catastrophe and response

What we can offer listeners together

As you can imagine, each of those topics can be podcast topics in their own, however I want every episode to speak to one element of helping a parent be empowered with knowledge, confidence and willingness to nurture their child to be resilient and safe leaders as they grow.

My audience and how we will reach them

The Close Quarter Dad community has (at time of typing), 4,800 men, who are all Dads. As well, I work closely in other communities of Dads, upward of +100K followers.

Every episode published is supported with paid promotion on FB and IG, in these groups. Our conversations are for Dads, but our guests certainly don't need to be. I do ask that each guest share our discussion with their audience as well, in whatever manner they feel suits.


SOUND: (Usually) recorded in a sound studio on a RODE Procaster quality with Behringer U-Phoria Audio Interface

VIDEO: Logitech 4k Pro (1080 30fps).

PLATFORM: or Zoom. hosted.

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Profile artwork for Close Quarter Dad
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