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Be Real with Vikram Deol

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“An opportunity to tell your story about the challenges you've faced and how you overcame them.”

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About the show

In a world where everyone is hiding behind their successes, Vikram dives in deep with his guests on the challenges they have faced and overcome.This is not your standard podcast that talks about how rich his guests are, this is a podcast that goes deep into how each person overcame their struggles and challenges. You will hear how his guests overcame the traumas they faced to become successful in a world that tries to pretend like everything is perfect.Be Real is a real show by your host Vikram Deol. He has a background in entrepreneurship and has had his fair share of adversity in his life. He had to over come a divorce (not accepted well in his culture), overcame going to jail and it almost costing him his entire business (again, not accepted well in his culture). He had to overcome feelings of being an imposter, not loving himself and not feeling worthy of love or success.Vikram is a believer that sharing the truth will set you free and allow others to set themselves Free! Often guests will share things on his show that they have only shared with no one or a few people. So smash the subscribe button, drop a review and share these powerful stories with everyone! Vikram pours his heart and soul into finding Real guests who share vulnerable and authentically how they overcame their challenges in life and business and how they are not thriving! It is a coaching lesson all in its own and you'll be super happy you are listening. Don't forget to Subscribe and leave a review!

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Profile artwork for Be Real with Vikram Deol
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