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Yvonne Winkler

Canada English, German

“Self-proclaimed empathetic badass and champion of feminine values, Yvonne's background is ripe with a range of experience.”

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About Me

The quest for freedom to live a full life is rooted in my personal journey from oppression to freedom. Having escaped the barbed wire fences and mind control of former communist Germany, I intimately understand how fear blocks our path to the life we want. With over two decades of business development, consulting and marketing experience I now mentor women to find the clarity they want and harness the strength they already have to live a life they choose.

I'm the CEO of Lotus Consulting Inc, an organization with the mission to support women's wellbeing through empowerment, harmony and collaboration. I"m a Certified Birkman Professional, a student of the Academy of Emerging Women, a business graduate from Saint Francis Xavier University, a mental health advocate, speaker, facilitator, author of my memoir Freedom Seeker: Reclaiming Feminine Wisdom, Schnauzer mama and nature lover.

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Profile artwork for Yvonne Winkler
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