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Netherlands Dutch, Flemish, English, Spanish, German

“Living a double life as private investigator for Human Rights Motivational speaker, LOA coach, I independent scientistI I Actress”

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About Me

Yvonne is a motivational speaker, LOA coach, Private researcher I independent scientist and social media influencer. She specializes in international law I universal laws and empower people to overcome negative belief systems and assist to turn fear into faith in order to live a life they deserve. Her style is unique with hypnosis and engaging with lots of audience participation, with laughter therapy.

Yvonne is also actress, model and volunteer human rights defender. She got the certificate GGA and is Peace Ambassador.

She can truly relate to women at any level from depression to success because she has lived through every stage herself. And knows that life itself is merely a stage. Whether actress or the focused private researcher. Yvonne is awake enough to know that we can play any act in life itself. She played the games with knowledge of LOA. Now she knows how you can WIN! Check out her book "Win at all times" Yvonne survived many ND experiences. Last years she survived a car crash at the mountain and a few years ago a coma, which changed her whole life instantly.

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Profile artwork for yvonne padmos
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