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“I help people get off the content treadmill with podcasting. So they can get more mileage out of their time.”

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About Me

- In 2016, I was slugging away as a fitness instructor, opening the gym at 5am, teaching 6 spin classes a day, then rushing home to Uber drive for extra cash. Sleep, rinse, repeat. I started my first show (now Inside the Mind with Misbah Haque) as a creative, and spiritual outlet. I wanted to stretch my mind in the gymnastics of conversation. I was also hella nervous and wanted to tackle my fear of learning in public.

- Cut to 2017, my podcast lands me a dream internship at Invictus Mindset and a job at Revival Strength, where I produced and co-hosted over 100 episodes (1m+ downloads) of Look Good Move Well with Marcus Filly, a professional athlete and founder of

- In 2020, after contributing to the fitness space for 10+ years, I started Pod Mahal to help other people make quantum leaps in their self expression and business through podcasting. While many of my clients are in the fitness and wellness space, it’s expanded to quite the—one day it’s a dorky dad’s comic book podcast, the next it’s a 71 y/o Pilates instructor sharing alll the deets about her dating life and love. I’m hooked on the magic of getting to know each creator on such a frequency that I can help them speak their ideas into existence.

If you’re looking for a guest, here are some areas where I would love to contribute to your audience:

- Bombing on stage in a Peter Pan costume and what it’s taught me about business 

- Developing impactful “off-stage” work habits

- Learning to handle the heckling of your inner critic and appreciate incremental progress

- Why building and owning a catalog of work is so valuable outside of commercial success

- How I used writing and speaking online to make $5,000 / month

Here are a few of my most popular guest episodes:

- Pitcher of Ravioli w/ Ryan Rinz & Misbah Haque | Hungry For Some Leftovers

- S2E12 - Nutrition Elimination + Eating on a Budget | Look Good Move Well w/ Marcus Filly

- Tools For Building Better Relationships With Misbah Haque and Dr. Megan Kaden | The Michael Caz Podcast

- Creativity is a Muscle w/ Misbah Haque | Better Than Yesterday

- Misbah Haque of The Airborne Mind | Todd Nief’s Show

- The Art and Science of Connection with Misbah Haque | VIP Nutrition Coach Podcast

On my podcast, Inside The Mind, I’ve had guests like Dr. Andy Galpin, Ben Greenfield, Noah Kagan, Carl Paoli, and more. Here’s one of the top episodes people enjoyed, which has about 23.5k downloads:

#17 - Functional Bodybuilding w/ Marcus Filly

Of course, I’d help to share your work with my audience as well on my IG, e-mail list, podcast, etc.

If that sounds fun to you, shoot me an email at [email protected]!

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Profile artwork for Misbah Haque
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