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“My objective in the world of podcast is to simply be able to migrate the mind from one event to the next. I'm un-bias yet opinionated!”

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About Me

I enjoy being an intellect. I read, study, and learn from the worlds around us. I've studied numerous courses from religion to paranormal events, metaphysics to the cosmos, education to social empowerment and self improvement. I enjoy comedy. I'm able to express myself abundantly in any field, subject and/or matter, as well as listen and learn. The point is I have a migrated mind that allows me to indulge in the fascination of many creations as well as situations and stay on topic with views expressed direct and with truth. I like to interview, love podcasting, wouldn't mind being interviewed I guess. I'm into learning new fields. i love music. I talk good shit, from politics to paranormal to the unthinkable!

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Profile artwork for SHAMON THOMPSON
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