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Ronnie Teja

Canada English, Hindi, Panjabi, Punjabi

“I have restarted my life 3 times in living in 4 different countries - A welfare economist turned capitalist whose been lucky along the way!”

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About Me

Ronnie Teja was born in Jalandhar, India and spent his nascent years there before moving to London to complete his MA in welfare Economics at the London School of Economics, however his dreams for a PhD were cut short when his family was given the opportunity to immigrate to Canada in 2008. For the first few years after being a landed immigrant into Canada Ronnie worked 3 jobs which included picking blueberries from 5 am- 2 pm and then selling door to door radio advertising using public transit from 3 pm - 10 pm , 7 days a week. 

Ronnie is a self taught digital marketer who got his working in digital marketing & PR for Team India and Jamaica during the Winter Olympics in Canada in 2010, follow by a brief stints as the head of digital for HSBC Canada, Best Buy Canada and for a brief period CMO for a small ecommerce brand. In Jan 2014, Ronnie decided against the better judgment of his parents and families advice to venture into his own business first starting a failed digital agency, then a failed mens jewellery business till he got a lucky break with Branzio watches. 

The idea behind starting Branzio was a passion project of his to live remotely in Thailand while working online which turned into a much larger business scaling to 14+ mil USD in 2021 completely boot-strapped. Along the way he's maintained his passion to start a watch business which in itself has scaled to a much larger business and sells to 66+ countries globally with a recent partnership with DFO to go into global retail

Over his short stint as an entrepreneur, Ronnie has been a speaker at a number of large Ecommerce related events including Affiliate World in Dubai and Barcelona, Ecommerce World Global, Ecomm Summitt Africa, Ecommerce Fuel summitt Palm Springs and was recently honored to be in the top 40 under 40 people to watch in Ecommerce by AWC poll in 2021/2022

Ronnie currently resides between Bangkok, Vancouver and Melbourne (where his beautiful partner lives - awaiting her Australian citizenship!)

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Profile artwork for Ronnie Teja
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