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“After a year of quarantine, two heart attacks, a 480 mile trek across Northern Spain and quitting my job, I am taking an adult gap-year.”

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About Me

The "great resignation" got me!

We are typically know by people for what we do for to earn money (How we sell our labor.) After over 30+ years in the youth development/teaching field, a year in quarantine and a heart attack, I decided that isn't how I want people to know me for how I live my life. I immediately changed the the work sections to read "Head Crosser Offer of my bucket list." Ever since, I have been live with intention to cross items off my list. My first major item was walking/traveling 490 miles in the north of Spain on the Camino de Santiago. Returning to work 32 days later, it didn't take long for me to see I wanted more out of life. So I quit my job to take an "Adult" gap year. I started a weekly podcast where each week I interview a different guest about an item they have crossed off their list. I am intentional about life; the things I do and the relationships I grow. I would love to discuss any topics listed on this page. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I am using my show, The Crossing It Off podcast, and other social media to encourage and empower others to live out their list with intention and encourage them to understand the worth of their own labor.

I enjoy getting to know new people and having in-depth conversations that have the potential to inspire and that are fun.

An example of my guest appearance:

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Profile artwork for Roger Williams
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