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Rodney Perry

“I am a skilled podcaster and orator, with 8 years of experience in podcasting. I give a black male perspective with awareness of my identity”


About Me

I am Rodney Perry, from Jackson, TN, Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, I have interviewed and over 80+ guests and have just over 200 episodes. I desire to cross-promote and collaborate with more podcasts to speak about race, the changing trends of society and culture, and how entertainment affects our everyday social interactions. I also provide full-services for podcast that need assistance with their production and digital marketing check out my site for more information

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Life as King

I am an individual existing in this world of lust, love, and luck. Consistently cohabiting in society with the eclectic, the simple, and the unbothered. I am a new form of a renaissance man, steadily becoming a polymath. I am being of balance, for example, I am creative but organized, emotional but logical. I aspire to change the world with me simply being me. I produce conscious content with humanity in mind as well as an emphasis on all-around wellness, solution-oriented discourse, and just great conversations Check out full episodes of The Simply King Podcast, #KingCooks, AyeBruh, + Life As King Blog , collaborative content, and more .

Legacy Leaders

The Humanity Network is a resource agency bridging culture with cause for global betterment and empower humanity. The company is built on 20+ years of brand marketing, corporate POS services, charity development, and social structure. Legacy Leaders is a digital conversation series engaging industry leaders to share their career paths and stories. April 28, 2022 […]

Profile artwork for Rodney Perry
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