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“My book "A Beginner's Guide to Trauma - Understanding the Toxic Effects of the Disorders of Extreme Stress" has just been released on Amazon”

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About Me

Hi. I'm Reshie Joseph MBBS MSc. Born in Singapore, I had the good fortune to be educated at the finest high schools and universities in England . Graduating as a doctor and gunning for a spot in neurology or neurosurgery, things started to go wrong. Badly wrong., To cut out the violin serenaded lengthy tale of woe, I ended up a street junkie heavily addicted to heroin and crack cocaine. Recovery found me in 2011 and with the help of my brother and sister addicts, I am today a psychologist specialising in the treatment of trauma and stressor related disorders.

Starting at the bottom aged 39. I worked in various roles for the department of psychiatry for our company who were responsible for managing psychiatric services in the Singapore prison service. I also started learning the basics of counselling. After a few years I got another lucky break, a plumb job of working for The Cabin Group - Asia's largest and best rehab by a wide margin, I went to Chiang Mai, Thailand as an addiction counsellor and It was there I first learned about trauma. In one of those seminal moments that comes along in life maybe once or twice, I was given the opportunity to train under two of the finest trauma psychotherapists I have ever met. With training in EMDR, CPT, and others to follow I transitioned into a trauma therapist from addiction therapist. I got a promotion, returned to Singapore, set up and ran The Cabin Singapores' outpatient facility. in 2017 I founded Living Free, With a Masters degree in psychology and the neuroscience of mental health from King's College London done online, the dream of moving to Bali became my reality. I worked and studied and built up that all important reputation that has come to serve me very well indeed, I market myself as a specialist in trauma and disorders of extreme stress but have treated most of the common issues. A little clinic allows me to see clients face to face, but from the moment I hit Bali, I started web-based therapy. When Covid hit, I had all the pieces in place to create an intensive virtual trauma program using therapy, coaching and somatic work such as trauma-informed yoga. At the peak of the pandemic it was maxed out and doing extraordinarily well. However, I am a clinician, not a managing director and as the panic began to subside and the need for the program waned, I did not have the wherewithal to keep it going. In a strange twist of fate I had at the same time suffered an excessive reaction to the second dose of vaccine and became very unwell. Lying on my hospital bed making bets with myself how long before men in white coats would come for me, to ease the mind crushing boredom, the idea to write came to me - strangely enough through a poem by Leonard Cohen. There, in the hospital, my book; "A Beginner's Guide To Trauma" was born. An ugly little baby with bits hacked off from previous work and stitched together it was a quiet Frankenstein that grew into a 677 page monster. Fortunately with the aid of wife, friends, others, as the poem goes, “I learned to write. I learned to write, what might be read, on nights like these, by one like me”. The book was written for many reasons but ab initio it was written for my brothers and sisters who suffer as I do, who live with the debilitating effects of trauma every single day of our lives. This book, is for you.

I am now available for guest appearances on podcasts, filmed interviews, etc. In the past, I have done numerous seminars, speaking engagements and been on several podcasts. I have also recorded some of my own videos on the subject of trauma which can be found on my website

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