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“2x Startup founder. Author of ScaleUp Culture. MD of a Digital Product Resource Consultancy. American in Australia. Husband & Father.”

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About Me

Bullet Point Bio

Personal Life

  • Escaped a religious cult/controlling church at 26
  • Narrowly graduated high school with a 1.9GPA went on to get a B.S., M.S. and being hired by one of the most prestigious financial firms in the world
  • Started life over in Australia as an expat and became an Australian citizen
  • French Canadian spouse and Australian daughter living, playing and working and investing across Australia, Canada and The United States

Professional Life

  • Published author, podcast host, tech career coach and business owner.
  • Starting and failing multiple businesses,
  • Succeeding at building a $2 million dollar business

Longform Bio

I’m a startup founder, writer, and podcast host. I’m determined to help scaling product businesses build the right team. I’ve worked with many different startups, three of which I co-founded, two of which scaled to employ hundreds of people.

​I’ve been obsessed with technology since my dad bought me a 2x CD burner in 1999! When I finished my undergraduate degree, I joined a technology leadership program at the leading mutual fund company Vanguard, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While in that program, I discovered I loved people, building high-performing teams, and building innovative digital products.

​I believe serendipity is life’s sweetest gift, and it led me to Australia over ten years ago. It’s why I spend most of my time introducing innovative product businesses to digital product experts. You never know what person or project will come along and change everything.

​I’ve worked with Australian Bendigo Bank and built a digital product to keep Australians safe overseas. I’ve helped a global NGO, World Wide Fund for Nature, refresh its digital product portfolio. My proudest achievement was helping a property tech scale-up to save millions by developing a new digital platform to help people love renting, owning, and managing property.

​My wife and I and our daughter are collectively citizens of Australia, Canada, and The United States. We work, live, play, and invest in property across all three countries.

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Profile artwork for Reginald James
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