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“I'm an expert on neuroplasticity for personal growth, and for recovery from brain injury.”

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Peter G Levine

Pete is an author, clinician, clinical researcher, professor, and frequent speaker. His focus for more than twenty years has been neuroplasticity especially as it related to recovery from brain injury.

Pete is the author of Stronger After Stroke (Springer), now in its 3rd edition, and in multiple translations. He has also authored dozens of articles in peer- reviewed journals, and has done 600+ talks on leveraging brain plasticity for brain injury recovery, and for personal growth.

Pete has been In the forefront of developing and testing many of the most innovative stroke neurorehabilitation recovery options including wearable robotics, constraint-induced therapy, and mental practice.

Pete is a clinical instructor and a professor, and has held positions as a lab co-director at University of Cincinnati, and research associate at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation. Pete was also a consultant at a rehab research lab at Ohio State University.

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Profile artwork for Peter Levine
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