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Pete Mohr

“Simpifying Entrepreneurship through frameworks that turn frustrations into freedoms! You own your business, it shouldn't own you!”


About Me

As the host of the Simplifying Entrepreneurship podcast as well as a former radio host, he understands podcasting and delivering the most out of an interview. You'll be able to bring as much value from the conversation to your audience as possible.

As a Business Made Simple Certified coach, Pete can talk to your audience in general terms or take it down into specific actionable chunks in order for them to get to work on the topic right after the podcast.

Along with his Simplifying Entrepreneurship coaching business, Pete owns a couple of footwear stores called Shoetopia in Ontario.

As a former business broker, Pete helped people buy and sell businesses and now uses that background in helping business owners create turn-key businesses so that they can enjoy the freedoms that entrepreneurship can deliver.

He strongly believes that business owners deserve to live the life that they want and spend the majority of their time working "on" their businesses, not "in" them.

Pete's specialty is creating and explaining frameworks that simplify leadership, strategy and communication across the business. With over 25 different tools to discuss, there's never a lack of great conversation on how to move your business forward!

Ideas For Episode Titles / Main Focus

  • The 5 Ps of Business (Promise, Product, Process, People, Profit)
  • How to turn Frustrations into Freedoms
  • Wouldn't you love to have a turn-key business?
  • How to prepare your business for sale.
  • Why everyone should be able to recite your Mission in your business

Questions Pete Is Always Ready To Answer

  • What are the 5 Ps of Business?
  • What is a turn-key business?
  • How can I prepare my business to be self-managing?
  • Why is it important that leaders work more on their business than in their business?
  • How have you been able to run more than one business at a time for most of your career?
  • Tell me about your concept, The Wheel of Momentum
  • What happens when no one in your business knows what your vision and mission are?
  • What do leaders need to surround themselves with?
  • What are the steps that will help me maintain momentum in my business?
  • What do I need to do to prepare my business for sale?

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Profile artwork for Pete Mohr
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