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“Heal Through the Art of Burlesque and Self-Seduction”

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About Me

Black Burlesque Queen. The Embodiment of Josephine Baker. A paragon of glitz and glamour. Visionary. Those are the phrases most people think about when they discover Perle Noire. Perle, or Mama Perle as she is known to the burlesque community, has a unique gift. The gift of healing an audience in a theater or in a classroom.

Perle has been named one of the world’s top burlesque performers by 21st Century Burlesque Magazine ten years in a row. After spending several years as a cast member in Dita Von Teese’s popular “Strip, Strip Hooray,” Perle went on to complete a stint in Velvet – a musical starring Australian disco diva and superstar Marcia Hines at The Sydney Opera House.

She continually challenges herself with new ventures, including her new transformative Healing Through Seduction six-week series and performances with her award-winning dance company, The House of Noire. In 2020, she presented the world with The Noire Pageant, the only burlesque pageant dedicated to uplifting the BIPOC community through healing events.

Perle Noire is an intuitive healer, creative director, transformative coach, and the creator of The Healing Through Seduction series. She specializes in guided sensual touch, empowerment workshops, and burlesque-inspired healing rituals. But most importantly, Perle is a survivor. She is also an advocate for people searching for a community to reclaim their bodies and reclaim control over their sensuality. Perle has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Časopis Reflex Magazine Prague, LA Times, Broadway World, and Curve Magazine.

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Profile artwork for Perle Noire
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