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Natalie Esparza

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“LGBTQ Author, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach.”

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About Me

Natalie (she/they) believes that everything can change when you ask the right questions.

At a young age, she earned the nickname Señorita Pregunta, which is Spanish for Miss Question.

Naturally inquisitive and with a love of learning, Natalie grew to be a life coach, author, and speaker who leads by example and encourages curiosity. She attributes where she is today to her willingness to question life and remain open to change.

She was inspired to write about her life experiences after finishing Seth Godin’s altMBA program. She is best known by her friends and family for encouraging self-care and deep discussions.

In addition to her love of helping others, she finds joy in watercolor painting, reading, playing D&D with her adventuring party, and video games on her Xbox.

Esparza is on a mission to help people embrace and normalize conversations about taboo subjects like mental health, sexuality, socioeconomic status, and religious trauma.

About her newest book

After escaping an abusive relationship, it all started with one question from her first therapist: “What do you like?” When Natalie M. Esparza couldn’t answer that, she knew she had some work to do.

Spectacle: Discovering a Vibrant Life through the Lens of Curiosity, is a brave account of Esparza’s personal battle with abuse, depression, religious trauma, and pansexuality. With each story, Esparza prompts her readers with questions meant to encourage self-exploration and to spark change.

Questions like:

  • Have you hidden parts of yourself away for your own safety?
  • Do you find people in your life (work/school/family) tell you to not "rock the boat" or "just go with the flow" because it would be inconvenient otherwise?
  • What family traditions were passed down to you? Are they still serving you?
  • What would it look like to accept that life hasn’t turned out the way you imagined it?

Through this powerful act of sharing her life, Esparza strives to teach that “we don’t have to have all the answers, but when we lean into curiosity, we can experience the transformation we seek.”

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Profile artwork for Natalie Esparza
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