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Mirja Camphausen

Australia English, German

“Walking back into the light: From depression to purpose - how I moved through my pain to find life again.”

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About Me

My transformation: from health + inner crisis to purpose

The last nine years have tipped my world up-side-down, challenged my beliefs, values, and how I show up in the world:

My healing journey

A deep depression and major health crisis forced me to readjust how I live my life. Everything was challenged. I'm emerging on the other side of the tunnel and I believe the only way forward for us as humanity is when every human being is willing to heal. This can be challenging as it includes facing our own pain and fears. I share my own experience with the hope to help and inspire others - just as books and personal stories have helped me through my darkest times.

I blog about my journey in the categories mental health, health, parenting, and spirituality:

Committing to my dream

During my health crisis, I finally committed to my dream of becoming a writer and have self-published my first children's book Master Mouse in July 2021 (ebook coming in August/September 2021). I'd love to share about the writing, editing, and publishing process and the trust, faith, and stamina I needed to keep going.

Meet Master Mouse

I would love you to meet Master Mouse and his team mates. This story found me and I love every bit of it. Master Mouse teaches about resilience, diversity, accepting our imperfections and how we are stronger when we work together and lift each other up - instead of keeping each other small. The book comes with great humor and gorgeous illustrations.

See the first chapter of Master Mouse here:

This is how Master Mouse found me:

See my website for more details:

I share my story in a deeply personal way because I believe this is how I can help others best.

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Profile artwork for Mirja Camphausen
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