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“I quit my job and travelled while I started my own business!”

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I always knew I wanted to travel, so as soon as I started working I was funnelling money into a 'travel' account. Humble beginnings at my local McDonalds and pub, before I moved into the corporate 9-5 hamster wheel in 2016.

In 2019 I bit the bullet and quit my 9-5, jumping on a flight to Europe ($480 one way – those were the days!).

Without a plan and a bank account full of savings, the world was my oyster. But... I wanted to travel indefinitely, not just until my bank account was empty.

I wanted to make money online and from anywhere but I didn't know how, or even where to start!

I questioned myself a lot...

"Why would people hire me? What service can I even provide online? How do I even find clients?"

When I say I learned everything the hard way, I mean it. From finding clients and covering myself with contracts, to pitching services and invoicing, it was like I was walking through an unfamiliar house with my eyes closed and arms outstretched, feeling around for the way through to the next door.

Almost three years on, I have built a successful freelancing business and now have the ability to work from anywhere, whenever I want.

I want to show you how you can do the same (avoiding all of the silly mistakes I made along the way!)

The world is shifting, the great resignation is upon us. More and more businesses are hiring remotely, and we're no longer geographically restricted when looking for work!

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Profile artwork for Michaela Money
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