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“Having suffered through childhood trauma, I want to share my personal CPTSD experiences & have developed tools for management and wellbeing.”

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About Me

Author, Founder of Round Table Dynamics, Management & Wellness Coach, Mental Illness & PTSD Advocate, Urban Gardener, Farmer

Over my 25+ career in management, I noticed the same core problems everywhere I went. The root cause of failing managers and businesses usually came down to three things: communication issues, lack of confidence in the business, in management, in the ownership. Within organizations, there are too many individuals with neglected self-care due to overwork. Gaining a lot of weight, lots of fast food, TONS of caffeine, trouble sleeping, not having fun at work or at home. I have seen marriages fail and families destroyed due to the constant stress of just trying to make a living.

I wrote my book and opened my coaching business to help.

The Notes from the Round Table, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I combined my notes from my corporate management experience, lessons from my international study program during his MBA, and the tools I learned to manage my Complex Post Traumatic Stress. Tools which have become a regular practice for me. Tools to calm your nervous system, find balance and happiness. A combination of holistic therapy, breath work, meditation, and self-care.

Notes from the Round Table are recipes for management and well-being. A playbook for those in management or for those wanting to give their dreams a shot. Whether you are the CEO or in a managerial position, or just need to de-stress, Notes from the Round Table is a recipe book for success.

My Journey in writing this book has come to end. Now I have two goals.

  • Teach folks that balance in life is achievable and share a game plan where individuals can do something bigger than what they initially believed.
  • Change the culture where it is normal to talk about mental illness in the same way we talk about cancer, flu, heart disease, a broken arm. PTSD and Diabetes have no cure, they are managed in some very similar ways: Good Diet, Exercise, Stress Reduction.

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