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Maxine Britt

“Gender neutral fashion expert here! I've built a 45k follower platform on TikTok breaking down this booming area of fashion.”


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Interested in chatting about the intersetion of gender and fashion? Let's connect!

Since I was a queer freshman in fashion school, I knew that gender neutral fashion was important. The narrow binary of women's or men's sections has existed for too long, and leaves out people who want to dress in more affirming and expansive ways. I was hugely disappointed, though, with the bland colors and straight silhouettes that overwhelmed the area at the time and lack of understanding of transgender and nonbinary people's needs. Rather, gender neutral fashion should be dominated by designs that promote bold self-expression and understand how to design for diverse body types.

I took my passion for LGBT issues and understanding that fashion needed to change and created Mx Apparel, a line of bold genderless apparel made in sizes XS-6X. The success of this brand lies in the connection to the core consumer, and foundational academic research into trans and nonbinary people's needs from fashion. Mx Apparel has seeen tremendous growth thanks to TikTok. I have loved the opporuntiy to share my knowledge of gender neutral fashion, give tips for releaving dysphoria, and commiserate about lackluster genderless brands.

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Profile artwork for Maxine Britt
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