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Maureen Scanlon

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“Life Coach, Award Winning Author, Relationship Expert and Podcast Host. My Experiences have given me the empathy to help others! Let's Chat!”

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About Me

I know what it’s like to feel like stuck. I’ve been in abusive and narcissistic relationships, hated my job and the future it held in store. I finally decided to CHOOSE the life I wanted and now I empower others to Be Their Own Best Friend!

With a background in multiple areas of psychology including Narcissistic Behavior, Criminology, Animal/Pet Psychology and Modern Applied Psychology. I am the Author of Amazon Bestsellers-"My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am" and "My Dog is My Relationship Coach", I help teach about communication, trust, conflict resolution, and finding your purpose! And how to love unconditionally through the eyes of our beloved furry babies!

Through my own experiences, I’ve learned that changing negative thinking and gaining the tools needed to persevere, it’s never too late to find your calling. And I help you understand you...not judge or shame yourself.

I began working on improving my communication and enhancing relationships, setting goals and accountability, and nourished my spirituality and well-being. I began meditating, thinking outside-the-box, and using solution-driven techniques for a more meaningful life.

Whether it’s a relationship with your spouse, family, work, or yourself, I’m here to help you live free of anxiety, resentment, anger, self-doubt, and fear.

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Profile artwork for Maureen Scanlon
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