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Mat Lock

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“Stop, reset and start living life - use your most addictive neurochemicals for optimising human health, productivity and high performance”

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About Me

When you feel your best you perform your best.

So many people feel like they don't have enough time to get everything done, are unwittingly addicted to technology and zooming along on the hamster wheel of life. And this in variably leads to a downturn in physical and mental health.

Learn how to use your most addictive neurochemicals to prevent burnout and say goodbye to stress

Mat is a productivity practitioner and performance coach who loves talking about training/coaching at the intersection of neuroscience and optimal psychology to build happier, healthier and more productive humans. 

He's the co-founder of The Impact Project, a company designed to helping people build bulletproof brains and bombproof bodies so that they can kick the doors of life off its hingers.

The team includes Special Forces veterans, elite and endurance athletes and a small army of subject matter experts in the fields of neuroscience, flow state, sleep, stress strategy and much more. 

He is also the host of The Unleashing Potential Podcast, where he interviews progressive individuals who are unleashing their potential on the world around them. He takes a deep dive into how they got to where they are, what lessons they have learned along the way, and how their experiences can impact us all.

He's always keen to 'turn on the mic' and chat about all things:

  • How to claw back time for what matters most
  • How to boost energy and vitality
  • How to harness the power of community

He'd love to jump onto a pre-show call to chat about what would interest your audience the most.

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Profile artwork for Mat Lock
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