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Mary Harcourt

“Inventor, Entrepreneur, Speaker. Mary changed the world by taking a napkin sketch idea and turning it into an innovative product company.”


About Me

Inventor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Founder, and CEO of CosmoGlo Lighting. Mary changed the world by taking a napkin sketch idea and turning it into an innovative idea through American manufacturing as a pivot during COVID. Now on the verge of being a globally distributed product, CosmoGlo has experienced hockey stick success out of the gate. Fully patented in 30 countries and with a successful first win against a European infringer. Mary loves to share her story, advice, and insight on her journey through product launching, scaling, and American manufacturing. Featured in Forbes, Inc, All Business, Influensive, Dermascope, and many more. Check out my website for more information. and click here to view my media abstract

Topics to talk about:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business and leadership
  • Overcoming obstacles + Challenges
  • American Manufacturing
  • Scaling a business from its first sale to multi-million dollar revenue
  • Ecommerce
  • Branding
  • Beauty business
  • Taking risks
  • Patent Process + winning an international patent suit
  • Travel: 64 countries traveled as a slow traveler (traveling for months/ years at a time).

Questions to ask?

  • What was the process like to take your napkin sketch idea and launch it into a consumer-ready product?
  • What made you choose American manufactured over traditional overseas?
  • If someone has an idea and they are listening to this as a success story, what are the first few steps they can do to get the ball rolling on their idea?
  • What were some lessons you learned early on in product development?
  • How did your first product launch go?
  • You came from a salon owner/ eyelash artist income - pivoted into a multi-million dollar company as a self-funded, debt-free company - How did you pull that off?
  • What advice do you have for others wanting to pursue their dreams?
  • What are some of the important factors you identified early on as a part of your brand?

Paces to find me:

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Profile artwork for Mary Harcourt
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