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“As the lead scientific researcher at Fellow One Research, I have pioneered Body Type Science since 2003 - the only scientific body types.”

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Body Type Science - The Four Body Types

When you go for your doctor's check-up, these are the current scientific body type Standards your body is being judged by:

Standard #1 - Standard Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1) found in any scientifically approved human anatomy book. When within safe BMI you're a BT1 with all muscles developed. This is inaccurate because it’s a genetic fact any part of the body can be underdeveloped, including muscle. For many people, skinny fat (cellulite, normal weight obesity, thin fat, loose skin, saggy skin, crepey skin) exists where muscle is undeveloped. 

Standard #2 - Body Mass Index (BMI). It's inaccurate because skinny fat is real. Countless people worldwide are within safe BMI but have skinny fat where muscle should be. BMI doesn't calculate skinny fat. 

Standard #3 - Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Daily calories for basic functioning. It’s inaccurate because 1 pound of muscle burns 6 calories daily but 1 pound of skinny fat burns 2 to 3. BMR equations don’t calculate skinny fat. 

Skinny fat can affect any body at any age, directly affecting body shape & health. 

The obesity epidemic is getting worse as is human health. Science & medical doctors don’t know why yet every year billions of dollars are spent on research. They are just starting to realize what we here are Fellow One Research have known for decades, that obesity is not just due to lazy people overeating, it is genetics. 

Obesity was long considered a personal failing. Science shows it's not:

A doctor's open apology to those fighting overweight and obesity:

The Journey

I was born in a body that genetically lacked muscles/muscle mass, almost everywhere. Which genetically, is common in my family. Even though I was always a very active kid, regularly playing soccer & tennis, walking to & swimming at the local pool, etc. at around age 8 I began to notice the skinny fat all over my body where there should be muscle/mass. As puberty hit, the fat only got worse.

Because I was within my safe BMI, the doctors paid no attention. And because obesity is common in our family, my parents did not give it a second thought. My journey in my Body Type Four (BT4) to age 47 has been riddled with chronic & acute hardships including bullying, obesity, depression (enteric brain), digestive/gut imbalance, serious back pain, isolation/loneliness, & lack of health, in general, as well as family & doctors hearing only what they want to hear regardless of the evidence & facts at hand. 

As the lead scientific researcher at Fellow One Research, I have pioneered Body Type Science (The Four Body Types) since 2003 - the only scientific body types in existence.

Scientific Body Type Quiz & Scientific Weight Loss Programs

I have developed the Scientific Body Type Quiz with a focus on genetics, particularly vertebrae and muscles/muscle mass development in relation to skinny fat and excess fat as well as science-based diet, exercise, metabolism/BMR, lifestyle, and BMI, no less.

I have developed the Scientific Weight Loss Programs as a counter-measure to all the unscientific weight loss gimmicks, fads, & nonsense that run rampant & unchecked in the world.

Visit the only online worldwide science-based health community at 

Sustainable Global Human Health

Our mission is to help wrangle & mitigate the global health crisis including the obesity epidemic to live sustainably.

It is a scientific fact that all other body types are arbitrary, subjective, baseless, and unscientifically debunked including the somatypes/three body types - endomorph, ectomorph, mesomorph - as well as hormone body types, Kibbe body types, triangle body types, 10 body types, etc.

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