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Lee Schneider

“Novelist, podcast producer, focused on the future. Thirty-year career in media includes podcast production, documentaries, and film.”


About Me


Lee Schneider is a novelist and podcast producer focused on the future.

His 30-year career in media includes podcast production, and TV documentaries and series with History Channel, Discovery, Court TV, Food Network, Travel Channel, TLC, Dateline NBC and Good Morning America. He lives in Santa Monica, CA with his family. For details, check out this link on my site.


Ask me about the future of online privacy, the power of tech in society, and how to cope with anxiety about climate change.

Sample Episode Titles

  • Your Online Identity is Already Stolen
  • How Long Before We’re Working for Our Robot Overlords?
  • If You’re Anxious About Climate Change Here’s What to Do

Timely, Business-Friendly Topics

  • - Twitter is imploding. What do I do now for online promotion?
  • - What will AI mean for my business? 
  • - Will it replace me or allow me to replace my employees? 

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Profile artwork for Lee Schneider
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