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Larry Sharpe

“Engaging speaker, marine, entrepreneur, teacher and Libertarian political activist. Mission: help people in their pursuit of happiness.”


About Me

Larry Sharpe is a Husband, Father, Marine Veteran, Entrepreneur, Teacher and Political Activist. His mission is to help people find happiness through community and purpose, often by overcoming bad policy decisions in government. He was the 2018 Libertarian New York State Gubernatorial candidate and garnered about 100,000 votes—more than any previous Libertarian candidate. His ability to connect with liberal and conservative voters across the political spectrum enabled the Libertarian Party to achieve automatic ballot access for the first time in New York state history. Watch his video podcast, The Sharpe Way most weeknights at 7pm Eastern, and be on the lookout for his upcoming book, On Happiness.

Sample podcast appearances:

Joe Rogan


Bernie & Sid in the Morning

Ebro in the Morning

Rubin Report

The Blaze

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Profile artwork for Larry Sharpe
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